Don’t Worry Darling 2022

Synopsis of Don’t Worry Darling, the puzzle behind the perfect life


“You and me.”

“You and me.”

After saying those words, Alice kissed her husband’s cheek and hugged him tightly. Both live in complete love. They love each other, always spend time together dancing and making love. Like the world belonged to just the two of them.


Jack Chambers and Alice may feel that their lives are perfect. How could it not be, they are a young couple in the 1950s living in the company town of Victory, California. An elite yet mysterious neighborhood built and financed by the mysterious company of the same name where Jack works.


Every day, Jack and all the men at Victory go to work, while the wives stay home to clean, relax, and prepare dinner for their husbands. Even though the lives of wives seem like many women’s dreams, there is one thing that makes everything feel strange.


The women were forbidden to ask about their husbands’ jobs and were not allowed to go to Headquarters, where the husbands worked. They were always haunted by the belief that Headquarters was a dangerous place.


One morning, Alice witnessed a red plane crash in the desert. Alice got off and rushed into the desert to provide help, but it turned out to be the beginning of disaster in Alice’s life.


He began to be tormented by hallucinations that felt so real. Alice tries to explain the incident to Jack, but his lover won’t listen. It turns out that all the hallucinations have something to do with the strange company where Jack works.

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