Next Door (2005)

Next Door Movie Story


The movie begins by showing a couple who have just broken up, Ingrid and John. Ingrid, at that time, visited John’s apartment to pick up the items that were still in John’s apartment.

John then asked Ingrid to become his girlfriend again, but Ingrid refused if John had to get a companion other than Ingrid. Moreover, Ingrid didn’t have much time to talk about this because Ake was waiting outside to pick her up.

Ingrid also went home without responding to John’s wishes and left John alone in his apartment.

A few days later, John, who had just returned from work, apparently met a woman who turned out to be John’s new neighbor.

When he was about to open the door, the woman asked John for help, and that’s where John got acquainted with the woman, whose name turned out to be Anne.

Anne was apparently not alone in the apartment; there was also her sister, Kim. Anne then asked John to move a cupboard to the door of her room.

After finishing, John, who was about to go home, was apparently detained by Anne, who asked to spend a minute drinking together. John then obeyed Anne’s request, and then they talked a little about why Anne kept the cupboard near the door of her room.

When John was about to leave, suddenly Anne talked about John’s fight last night with Ingrid. John, who was offended, then asked why Anne knew this.

Anne argued that their room was next to John’s room, so it was easy to hear anything from John’s room.

After returning to his room, John checked all the corners of his room to make sure there was nothing strange about the walls of his room.

However, while checking Ingrid’s belongings, he suddenly heard Anne’s voice from outside calling John. Apparently, Anne asked John to look after Kim while Anne would buy medicine at the pharmacy.

Anne then told her that Kim had been attacked by someone who lived in the apartment, traumatizing Kim.

John, who felt sorry, then obeyed Anne’s request without suspecting anything about them. John then entered and sat on the sofa, but suddenly there was a loud music sound from the other room.

John then looked for the source of the sound and found Kim who was listening to music there. John then said that Anne told him to look after Kim. John also asked about the attack Kim experienced previously.

However, Kim just smiled because John had apparently been lied to by Anne, and Kim said that none of that had ever happened to Kim.

Kim then started flirting with John, but John tried to refuse and wanted to leave the place, but Kim quickly locked the room and then took her key to hide in another room.

John then looked for Kim in every corner of the room, but what John found was a ringing phone from Kim’s very messy room. John then picked up the phone, and it turned out to be from Kim.

After making small talk on the phone, Kim then talked about Ingrid, who had an affair and left John just like that. This apparently made John sad, and he remembered Ingrid again.

John then asked Kim to give him the key so that John could get out of the place. But Kim asked him to meet her in a room.

John then met Kim in the room and asked Kim to immediately let John go from there, but Kim asked John to listen to Kim’s story while closing his eyes, and after all that was done, John could only leave.

Kim then told him that a few moments ago she had three men who brutally raped her.

Shortly after that, Kim then asked John to sit next to her, but what happened next was unexpected.

Kim instead slapped and hit John to make John injured. John then did not remain silent and returned Kim’s treatment, until Kim was also covered in blood in John’s hands.

But not long after that, Kim and John made love, even though they were both covered in blood.

Apparently the incident was known to Anne, who had just returned home, but Anne only reacted very flatly to Kim and John like that.

After finishing, John came home and found that he was covered in blood. In the bathroom, John then cleaned his body, and he still couldn’t believe what John had done before.


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