Miller’s Girl (2024)

Miller’s Girl (2024)

Synopsis Miller’s Girl (2024)


Miller’s Girl tells the story of Cairo Sweet (Jenna Ortega), an 18 year old teenage girl who is full of ambition to become a writer. Living alone in a luxurious residence in Tennessee, Cairo was left behind by his parents who were busy with their business affairs.


In order to realize his dreams as a writer, Cairo decides to take a class taught by Jonathan Miller (Martin Freeman), a literature teacher who was once a famous writer.


Despite being married and serving as a teacher, Miller had long stopped writing. Meanwhile, Miller’s wife, Beatrice (Dagmara Dominczyk), has had a successful career as a writer.


In Miller’s class, Cairo was given the assignment to write an essay on the theme of the greatest achievement in his life to date. However, despite his best efforts, Cairo still could not find the inspiration to write his essay.


Winnie (Gideon Adlon), Cairo’s best friend, suggested that Cairo ‘tease’ Miller a little. Winnie knows that the relationship between Cairo and his teacher is quite close.


Following his best friend’s advice, Cairo tries to approach Miller. The two began to spend a lot of time together and became increasingly connected to each other, especially since they both had the same interest in writing. Miller began to admire Cairo’s extensive knowledge of literature.


As time goes by, the relationship between Cairo and Miller deepens. However, one day, Cairo handed him an assignment in the form of a writing that revealed the controversial relationship between them.


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