A Simple Favor (2018)

Synopsis of the film A Simple Favor (2018)


Stephanie Smothers’ (Anna Kendrick) life before she met Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) was quite ordinary and regular. As a single mother with a son who is still in kindergarten, Stephanie lives her life responsibly.

Stephanie and Emily meet at their children’s school, when both of them are dropping off their children. Emily looked elegant with the latest fashion styles, which impressed Stephanie and she was happy to be invited to Emily’s house for drinks.

Emily, a worker in the fashion industry, has a husband named Sean (Henry Golding) who works as a lecturer and writer. The couple live in comfortable conditions with their only son.

The closeness between Stephanie and Emily continues, with the two sharing secrets about each other’s home lives. Stephanie even reveals that her current son is not the result of her old marriage, but the result of an affair with her sister-in-law.

However, Stephanie and Emily’s lives begin to come into conflict when Emily suddenly disappears without a trace, leaving her son in Stephanie’s care. Stephanie, who feels responsible, continues to search for Emily, even going so far as to visit Emily’s parents.


Film Story A Simple Favor (2018)



The story begins by showing a woman named Stephanie, who works as a cooking vloger.


At that time, Stepanie, who was recording her cooking activities, announced that her friend Emily had been missing for 5 days.


and the last time Stephanie communicated with Emiliy was five days ago, when Emily asked Stephani to pick up Emily’s child.


And since then, Emily has never known her whereabouts until now.


Stephanie then told the story of her meeting with Emily, until Stephanie became Emiliy’s best friend.


It all started with Stephanie, who at that time accompanied her son Miles to school.

Stephanie, who was too eager to accompany Miles, apparently became a topic of conversation among other parents.



After school hours, Nicky, who was about to go home, apparently followed Miles and Stephanie to wait for his mother, who would soon pick him up.


Shortly thereafter, Emily came and invited Nicky to go home immediately. But Nicky, who still wanted to play with Miles, made Emily upset with her son.


Emily, who could not refuse Nicky’s wishes, then invited Stephanie to drink at her house so that Nicky and Miles could play together.


From a distance, the other parents of the students were apparently watching while talking about the closeness of Emily and Stephanie, which is a little strange.


Arriving at Emily’s house, Stephanie was then surprised by a painting showing Emily naked.

Emily then said that the painting was the work of an almost famous painter from the East Village.



Emily then told her that she had become a model to pay for her education at that time.


Emily also shared that her husband was a novelist but is now retired. Stephanie then shared her personal life, if Stephanie was a widow whose husband died in an accident.


Emily, who was saddened, then tried to cheer Stephanie up with some silly questions that made Stephanie smile again.


Although it was the first time they met, they both seemed to get along very quickly with each other.


Shortly thereafter, Emily’s husband, Sean, arrived and immediately gave Emily a kiss, despite being witnessed by Stephanie.


Stephanie then said that Emily was very lucky because she got a partner like Sean, because they were both a very romantic couple.


Stephanie then offered herself to Emily, that Stephanie was willing to be Nicky’s nanny if Emily was busy or on vacation with Sean.


From then on, their relationship became closer, and Emily began to entrust Nicky to Stephanie.


One day Stephanie got a call from Emily to pick up Nicky at her school because Emily was busy.


But when Emily came, Stephanie accidentally photographed Emily from behind.

It made Emily dislike it, and she asked Stephanie to immediately delete the photo or Emily would throw the camera.



Stephanie, who then immediately deleted it in front of Emily, so as not to make the atmosphere change.


Emily then invited Stephanie to drink at her house to just unwind.


Stephanie then gave a bracelet to Emily as a sign of friendship between the two of them.


Emily also received it happily, although according to Emily, such a thing is a little strange.


The conversation between the two of them continued to talk about their personal lives.


Emily admitted that a few months ago. Emily had made love to Sean and another woman.


Stephanie then shared that she made love to her own half-sister.


Emily then laughed and mocked Stephanie for making love to her own half-sister.


Stephanie then reasoned that the drink Emily gave her was the reason she revealed her secret.


As usual, Emily, who was apparently busy again, asked Stephanie to pick up Nicky at school.


But when Stephanie was about to take Nicky and Miles home, suddenly one of the parents mocked Stephanie because she was now a nanny.


Stephanie doesn’t seem to mind, and then she denies that Stephanie is just helping her close friend.



A few days later, Emily, who never came home, forced Stephanie to take care of Nicky at her house.


Occasionally, Stephanie tried to contact Emily but got no answer. Then Stephani also contacted the office where Emily worked, but the office customer service said that Emily was on duty in Miami for the next few days.


Finally, Stephanie also contacted Sean, who was taking care of his mother, who was being hospitalized.


Stephanie explained that it had been two days since Emily had given her news and informed her that Nicky was currently living with Stephanie.


Some time after that, Sean came to pick up Nicky.


Stephanie, who was worried, then asked Sean to immediately contact the police to report Emily’s disappearance. Soon, the police arrived and began to ask for information from Sean and Stephanie.


When Sean gave further information to the police, that’s when Stephani found out that Emily was an only child who had been abandoned by her parents a long time ago; even Emily had no other family.


Because it was already quite late, Sean finally decided to stay overnight and bring Nicky home the next day.


In the morning, Stephanie, who had just woken up, was surprised by Sean, who was preparing juice made from several vegetables for Miles and Nicky.


Stephanie made another cooking video, but this time Stephanie apparently made a juice that was inspired by the juice that Sean made before.


Stephani also shared that Emily still hasn’t come home, but the good news is that Sean finally came to pick up Nicky.


After that, Stephanie went to the office where Emily worked. There, Stephanie asked Emily’s news directly to Dennis, Emily’s boss.


However, Dennis did not tell Stephanie the news and Emily’s current whereabouts.


Dissatisfied with Dennis’ answer, Stephanie then sneaked into Emily’s office. There, Stephanie found a piece of paper that turned out to be Emily’s photo.


Stephanie then took the paper and immediately left the place.


Dennis, who saw Stephanie, had just come out of Emily’s room. He then reprimanded Stephanie and thought that Stephanie was a thief.


However, Stephanie managed to leave the place after saying something silly to Dennis.


The next day, Stephani printed more papers with Emily’s picture on them to spread news of a missing person.


Parents who saw Stephanie distributing the papers apparently assumed that Emily might be dead, like in the movie scenes they often saw.


In addition to being Nicky’s temporary nanny, Stephanie apparently volunteered to replace Emily’s role at home in cooking for Sean and Nicky.


Sean was very impressed with Stephanie, who had prepared him food because Emily had rarely cooked for Sean.


Shortly thereafter, Detective Summervile came to tell Sean that Emily actually did not go to Miami but to another place with a man. The detective then asked for some specific characteristics of Emily’s body in case something untoward happened.


When Stephanie was about to go home, Sean accidentally grabbed Stephanie’s hand and thanked her for giving her best to Sean and Nicky.


A few moments after that, Stephani, who had just returned home, apparently received a message from someone asking if she saw Emily in an area in Michigan.


The news was immediately conveyed to Sean in the hope that there was a bright spot where Emily was.


While Sean and Stephanie were talking, suddenly the police contacted Sean to tell him that Emily’s car was found near a lake.


Sean and Stephanie immediately rushed to the location. With the help of the rescue team, Emily’s body was found not far from the lake, and Emily was declared dead from drowning.


The next day, Emily’s funeral procession was held, which was attended by several relatives and people closest to Emily, including Stephani, Emily’s new friend.


Apparently, since Emily’s departure, Stephanie has finally decided to take care of Nicky in the meantime.


Sean, who still couldn’t believe Emily’s departure, continued to mope and stay in his room.


Stephanie, who had just finished putting Nicky to bed, apparently felt sorry for Sean. Stephanie then tried to calm Sean by giving him a hug.


But Sean, who was very interested in Stephanie, then kissed her very gently.

Stephanie, who was carried away by the atmosphere, finally could not do much other than surrender. They finally made love.


Since then, Stephanie, who felt that she had replaced Emily in Sean’s life, has removed Emily’s painting to be stored in a warehouse.


Stephanie also did not hesitate to try wearing Emily’s clothes to look more beautiful.

And that’s when Detective Summervile came to ask Stephanie for some information.


During dinner, Nicky told me that she met Emily in the schoolyard. Nicky also said that Emily left greetings for Sean and Stephanie.


Sean, who didn’t believe her, thought that Nicky was lying to him.



The next day, Stephanie asked Sean if she felt like smelling Emily’s perfume on Nicky’s school uniform.


Sean just thought that it was all just Stephanie’s guesses and feelings.

Shortly after that, Sean began to wonder if Sean really had an interest in Stepahanie.


Sean also asked Stephanie to live with Sean in the house. Stephanie, who had also opened her heart to Sean, apparently followed whatever Sean wanted.


Stephanie then cleaned up all her belongings and brought them to Sean’s house.


Not only that, Stephanie also emptied Emily’s dressing room to be filled with all of Stephanie’s belongings.


But surprisingly, the next day, all the contents of Emily’s room that were previously cleaned up by Stephani turned out to be back as usual.


The strange experience was then shared in her cooking vlog video, as usual.


When picking up Nicky and Miles at school, Stephanie was very surprised that Nicky claimed to have met Emily again. Not only that, Emily even gave an envelope to Stephani as well.


Because of her surprise, Stephanie was not concentrating on driving her car until her car accidentally ran a red light and almost collided.


Luckily, the incident did not seem fatal for Stephanie. Stephanie then opened the envelope, which turned out to contain a photo of Stephanie posing with her husband and also her stepbrother, who had told Emily.


Shortly after that, Stephanie got a call from Emily, who said she was in heaven to watch over Stephanie.


Stephanie then told Sean about it, but Sean didn’t seem to believe it. Sean thought that Stephanie was just hallucinating.


When she returned home, Stephanie imagined sharing her story with Emily a few moments ago.

Not only that, Stephanie also remembers the last moments before the accident that took her husband’s life.


When Stephanie saw Emily’s painting, she then searched for the painter’s whereabouts to find out about Emily.


However, the painter said that the person in the painting was actually Claudia and that she had cheated him and taken all his money.


The painter also said that he didn’t know Emily’s whereabouts, but the painter gave Emily a t-shirt with a picture of Squaw Lake.


Stephanie then traced the place printed on the t-shirt, which turned out to be a place for camping.


After arriving, Stephanie borrowed an album book from two local residents. Stephanie’s attention this time was drawn to a photo of two twins who looked very similar to Emily, named Hob and Faith.



After getting information about Hob and Faith, Stephanie then went to the address.


There, Stephanie met a married couple named Margaret and Bruce. To confirm the truth, Stephanie then gave Margaret a photo that she thought was Faith.


Margaret told her that Hob and Faith were two twins who were naughty with all their actions.


Stephanie uploaded her cooking video again, but this time Stephanie was telling some facts about Emily.


It turned out that the video had also been watched by Emily, which immediately made Emily very upset with Stephanie.


On another occasion, Stephanie, who was arranging insurance, apparently revealed a fact in front of Sean and the insurance officer if the body found by the police was Emily’s twin sister.


The next day, Stephanie, who missed Emily, came to Emily’s grave by bringing her Emily’s favorite drink.


But surprisingly, Emily came to Stephani. Stephanie then asked if Stephanie knew Emily had a twin from both Emily’s parents.


Then Stephani asked why Emily was so cruel that she even dared to burn down her parents’ house.


Emily then told me that in the past, when Emily and her twin sister were teenagers, her father always restrained them. Not only that, her father was always rude if they made a mistake, until finally one day Emily and her twin sister burned her parents’ house and left for freedom.


Because Emily does not want her existence to be known by her parents, she really does not like to take pictures or take photos of other people because it could be known by her parents.


And Emily also explained the reason behind her twin sister’s death.


It turns out that a few moments ago, her twin sister came and said that she would ruin Emily’s life by exposing their true identities.


Emily, who could not remain silent, then took advantage of the situation when they were both swimming in a lake, where Emily killed her own biological sister.


Not only that, Emily then revealed her conversation with Sean a few days ago about Sean and Stephanie’s relationship. Sean admitted that Sean only gave Stephanie an outlet.


The next day, Sean’s residence was visited by several police officers to conduct an investigation related to the case of Emily, who allegedly faked her death.


Sean, who at that time wanted to pick up Nicky at his house, was not allowed to enter by Stephani on the grounds that Sean was in the process of a police investigation.


Elsewhere, Emily cut her own face with a wrench and then gave a false statement to the police if Emily got violent, which resulted in Sean being arrested on these charges.


After being found not guilty, Sean was apparently released and immediately went home. But when he got home, Sean was angry at Emily for what Emily had done to him.


Meanwhile, Stephani returned to her vlog by saying that Emily and Sean had a secret and Stephanie was the naive woman between the two of them.


Shortly after that, Stephani came to Sean’s residence with a gun and shot Sean to the ground.


However, Emily, who knew that this was just an act by Stephanie and Sean, then asked Sean to get up and stop pretending to be dead.


Emily then brought a real gun and shot Sean until Sean was covered in blood, but while pointing her gun at Stephanie, Stephanie showed her a small camera that was still connected to her live vlog broadcast.


Emily, who realized it, then left, fleeing the place, but shortly after that, Darren came and hit Emily to the ground.


The police quickly secured Emily, who had found out about the previous incident through Stephanie’s vlog.


Six months later, Stephanie returned with her cooking vlog. In her video, Stephanie said that besides cooking, it turns out that Stephanie has other skills, namely uncovering mysteries.



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