Displate Contributor: How to Make Money selling Design

Displate.com is an online marketplace where artists may sell their creations to the general public. You can earn money and experience contributing here while enhancing your design resume.

Be warned, nevertheless, that it may be challenging for first-time Displate contributors to sell their ideas. Because of this, this post will serve as a primer that explains the platform’s operation and its many advantages, allowing you to immediately begin selling your work.


Explain Displate to me.


Displate.com is an online marketplace for custom metal plate printing. Graphic designers and artists from all around the world have contributed their work to this website.


Books, posters, and t-shirts, among other printed goods, are just some of the many products that may be ordered from a print on demand site. However, production of the printed goods does not begin until the consumer has placed the order and paid for it.


By signing up as a contributor, visual artists and graphic designers have access to this online marketplace.


The idea behind displate is straightforward: you sell metal plates to customers featuring your designs. Then, once it has been sold, you will receive compensation.

Earning potential is proportional to the number of people that purchase your designs.


The Operation of Displate.com


The functionality of displate tremendously aids contributors. All that is required of contributors is to come up with designs and upload them to the site; the platform will handle everything else, from manufacturing to packing to shipping.


  1. Take a look at the diagram below for further explanation.
  2. First, members share their creations and decide on a price. When your artwork or design is purchased, Displate executes the payment and provides customer care.
  3. Printing and delivery to the client are also taken care of.
  4. Each time a design is purchased, the contributor will receive a cut.

You may make money and gain exposure for your design work just by contributing to Displate. Please read the following description if you want to learn how to contribute.


Contributor Guidelines.


Send your portfolio to the given email address to be considered as a Displate contributor. Here are the measures to become a member of the team:


  • Please visit displate.com/open-shop.
  • If you want to email us, just hit the “contact us” button.
  • Your online design portfolio submission is requested.
  • A link to your online portfolio of design work, please.

A design result that can be viewed online without first being downloaded is what is indicated by the term “online portfolio.” Online portfolios can take the form of anything from a simple blog to a fully functional website.


An Instagram account might serve as a digital portfolio as well. If you want to show off your work online, all you have to do is include a link to your Instagram account.


What Information Is Necessary for Contributors on Displate?


Basic graphic design abilities are required for contributors. This will help guarantee that your final designs are high-caliber, original, and expertly executed.


If you’re interested in contributing to displate.com on your own, here are some things you should know first.




  1. The pricing is up to the contributors. Your creations will be sold in three different sizes. You can choose the cost of an M-size metal mold after uploading your design. Additional sizes’ prices will be determined mechanically.
  2. For each design that is purchased, you will receive a commission. As a result, contributor payouts are tied directly to the volume of designs purchased.
  3. If a contributor’s design is purchased via a shared link on social media, the contributor can earn a commission of up to 50%.
  4. If a contributor decides to purchase the design, they will receive a 50% discount.


Which Patterns May Be Marketed?


The Displate marketplace is open to any and all types of designs. If your creation is unique and does not break any rules, you can market it.

However, there are design requirements that must be met. A rundown follows:


  1. The artwork must be created from scratch and not be derivative in any way.
  2. The artwork must be a high-resolution JPG or JPEG.
  3. At least 300 dots per inch (DPI) in size and resolution are required for all images.
  4. The design must not have any logos, watermarks, or borders.


The administrator will check each and every design that is submitted. Your design might not be checked for compliance or rejected if it lacks the necessary components.


What is Displate’s annual revenue?


Commissions are earned on the sale of your designs on displate.com. Commission is calculated as a percentage of the final selling price of each design we create.


It is clear, however, that even if our designs are sold for the lowest possible price of 42 dollars, we will get a commission of about five percent, or about two dollars. For more expensive items, our commission increases to between 25 and 30 percent.


A royalty of $2,is hardly a substantial sum. But think about it, we only have to come up with designs, not to mention handle printing, packaging, and shipping.


Our ideas are also scalable, meaning they can provide residual money once they’ve been sold multiple times. You can earn up to $5,000 each month if you put in the effort.


Commissions totaling up to 21 million USD, have been distributed to contributors on this site since its start.

Making Money Through Displate


We must earn a commission of at least $50 in order to get paid. When the target is reached, we’ll request payment via PayPal.


The site’s payment process is extremely slow, taking around 45 days. One of displate.com’s flaws is the difficulty of withdrawing your commission.


How Difficult Are Displates to Sell for Profit?

Many of the print on demand services out there will pay you a cut of sales if you contribute content. However, Displate provides a variety of goods, which makes it simpler for contributors to monetize their work.

However, if you want to make money by selling ideas from this website, you’ll have to go through some quite challenging procedures.


To begin, a stellar portfolio is required for contributor status. When compared to policies at sites like Freepik and Shutterstock, this one is notably stricter.


The entire process of signing up for an account and configuring our profiles on the two microstock platforms took us less than an hour.


Time is a factor in the rule that asks prospective donors to present a portfolio. The team will look through your work and decide if you have what it takes to join as a contributor. Up to two weeks may pass throughout this procedure.


The second concern is the severity of the review process for submitted designs. If we are recognized as a contributor, we must also contend with stringent design moderation.


The uploaded design must adhere to the established guidelines and standards. These guidelines and restrictions have already been considered.


Our design won’t be accepted if it goes against the grain of the guidelines or falls short of what’s required. Multiple factors contribute to our design’s rejection.


  1. To get a nice printed, you need more than just quality.
  2. To accommodate the shorter width requirement (2900px), the pixel size has been adjusted.
  3. The image’s ratio is significantly higher than the recommended 1.4:1.
  4. There are fewer than 300 DPI.
  5. includes branding elements like watermarks, borders, or frames.
  6. Files less than 4060px x 2900px will have text or information that extends past the edges by less than 200px.
  7. The practice of uploading the same image multiple times but altering its hues or other minor characteristics.
  8. No one file upload could possibly contain all of the design’s components.













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